Forest Dragon


Forest Dragon by Mini Monster Mayhem

Overall height 220mm
This dragon WILL require a base where the dragon is placed near the front of the base. The wings go so far back, it will pull the dragon back and not allow for proper balance.
This design was 100% intentional. To create the design I wanted, I knew an oval or round base would need to be added.
Be very very careful when piecing the dragon together.
During assembly, you will loose small leaves, its very fragile.
Do NOT be concerned about that because yo will never know where it fell from and even if you do, it will not impact the overall miniature due to the density of leaves.
This sculpt is a HUGE test to the limits of 3D printing and due to that there is that one large fault, the leaves are brittle.
Also, file down/ remove one of the front leg pegs. Due to the angle at which the key holes were made they are set a bit to wide.

Your miniature will be resin printed at 0.05 mm for outstanding detail at time of order. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. All models purchased will have their supports removed. While I strive to provide the best quality possible, some marks, or ‘flash’ may remain on the model to be hand cleaned by the purchaser. Unless otherwise specified, miniatures will be either skin colour/tan or grey. Higher resolution and/or different scale is available, email for a quote. Pictures are a render only.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for printing depending on current orders.

Ayr Gamers Guild is officially authorized to sell physical prints from Mini Monster Mayhem


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